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A Marine's New Mission: Tackling PTSD with Prof. Walter Dunn

Join us for a compelling episode of the "Healing Trauma" podcast where Professor Walter Dunn, a distinguished Marine Corps veteran and psychiatrist, delves into the complexities of PTSD and its treatment. With his unique insights from both military service and medical expertise, Prof. Dunn explores innovative approaches to mental health, emphasizing neuromodulation and trauma therapy.

In this episode, Prof. Dunn shares his journey from serving in the Marine Corps during critical moments like 9/11 to pioneering PTSD research at UCLA's Operation Mend program. He discusses the impact of trauma on veterans and the broader community, revealing how therapeutic breakthroughs are reshaping PTSD care.

Discover the challenges and triumphs of treating PTSD, learn about the brain science behind trauma, and hear Prof. Dunn's personal and professional perspectives on recovery and healing. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in mental health innovation, veteran care, and the science of healing trauma.

Tune in to gain profound insights into overcoming PTSD and transforming mental health care for veterans and their families.

Rewiring the Mind: Gemi Bertran on Healing Trauma Through Brain Health

Welcome to a profound journey into the world of healing and resilience with our special guest, Gemi Bertran, a renowned brain specialist and behavioral coach. In this episode of our podcast, 'Rewiring the Mind: Gemi Bertran on Healing Trauma Through Brain Health,' we delve deep into the complexities of mental trauma and the transformative power of brain health. Gemi Bertran shares her unique insights and experiences, weaving a narrative that connects prolonged stress, nutritional impact, and neuroplasticity with the process of healing from trauma. This conversation isn't just about the science behind trauma; it's a deep exploration of the holistic approaches that can lead to recovery and empowerment. Whether you're someone who has experienced trauma, a mental health professional, or simply interested in the intricate workings of the human mind, this interview sheds light on how our brains can not only recover from trauma but also thrive following it. Gemi's approach combines cutting-edge scientific knowledge with practical lifestyle advice, offering listeners a comprehensive guide to reclaiming their power and establishing healthy routines for a stable life. Join us as we uncover the tools for managing behavioral problems, the role of nutrition in brain health, and the remarkable capacity of our brains to heal and adapt. This episode is a must-watch for anyone looking to understand the impact of trauma and the pathways to healing. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more insightful content!

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